Supreme Court won’t hear appeal from Tony Alamo followers who had children taken away

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The Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal from followers of evangelist Tony Alamo who had their children taken away when they wouldn’t agree not to expose them to the controversial ministry.

The Associated Press reports

Prosecutors won sexual abuse convictions against Alamo in 2009. Social workers feared the children might someday be abused, and told the parents to break their financial dependence on Alamo’s ministry. The parents refused.

The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that the taking of the children was not a barrier to the parents’ constitutional rights to practice religion.

Cult leader Tony Alamo is serving a 175-year prison sentence for taking young girls across state lines for sex.

To read more about the case, Myers v. Arkansas Department of Social Services 11-126, see
Arkansas Supreme Court upholds decision to strip followers of Tony Alamo cult of parental rights
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This post was last updated: May. 9, 2014