Mel’s mad at cult slur

Herald Sun (Australia), Mar. 8, 2003

Mel Gibson has reportedly gone “ballistic” over a magazine article depicting him as an adherent of a loony, cult-like offshoot of the Catholic Church.

He has already accused the reporter of crafting a “hit piece” which muck-rakes through his private life and banking affairs.

“Mel has played hardball with me the whole time, and gone ballistic,” Christopher Noxon said yesterday on the eve of his story going to press in the Sunday Times magazine.

Noxon’s article claims Gibson embraces “a strain of Catholicism rooted in the dictates of a 16th-century papal council and nurtured by a splinter group of conspiracy-minded Catholics, mystics, monarchists and disaffected conservatives”.

The group hates the Pope, celebrates mass in Latin, fasts on Fridays and requires women to wear hats in church.

The 47-year-old actor-director refused to be interviewed for the article.

Noxon quotes Gibson’s 85-year-old father Hutton attacking the reformist Second Vatican Council as “a Masonic plot backed by the Jews” and describing the Pope as “Garrulous Karolus, the Koran kisser”.

Mel Gibson, one of 11 children, was raised by a father who banned television and preached on the evils of drink and extramarital sex.

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