Robert Mugabe gives sect permission to invade farm

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Robert Mugabe, the thug who currently rules Zimbabwe — running that country into the ground — has given the Vapostori sect permission to invade a farm owned by a white commercial farmer in Matabeleland South.

It is an effort to to lure the support of one of the biggest religious movements in the country.

The Vapostori (apostles) religious group has an estimated one million followers countrywide, making it an important political constituency.

Its numbers are swelled by a high birth rate and polygamous marriages that are permitted by the religion.

In December an army of men in white garments from Masvingo Province in the southeastern part of the country, together with their families, invaded Lydead Ranch in Marula owned by Garry Rosenfels.

The sect arrived in buses, claiming to have permission from the president to take over the ranch. […]

Mugabe has kept ties with the religious movement, promising to take care of its needs in order to keep its support.

He has been seen attending ceremonies conducted by the sect.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai last year also attending the movement’s gatherings.

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This post was last updated: Feb. 10, 2011