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Rolling Stone has republished the web version of ‘Inside Scientology‘ — its in-depth article on the Scientology cult, first published in 2006.

It is the most controversial religion in America, and the most mysterious. Its followers believe they’re on a mission to save the universe — but detractors call it a cult. What’s the truth? A special report that unlocks the faith’s complex code

The article is authored by Janet Reitman, whose publisher today announced the publication of her book titled Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion, which is to be published on July 5. [The book can be pre-ordered]

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The announcement comes hard on the heels of a fire storm of negative publicity for the destructive cult. News outlets all over the world are highlighting a New Yorker article in which investigate journalist Lawrence Wright profiles high-level Scientology defector Paul Haggis.

Among other thing the article says the FBI is investigating human trafficking and physical abuse within the Church of Scientology.

Wright, who mention the book in his article, praises Inside Scientology, calling it “an engrossing, groundbreaking work that brings a welcome sense of fair-mindedness to a subject that is, for many journalists and scholars, too hot to touch.”


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