Religion News, February 5, 2011

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  • Concern about Islamists masks wide differences among them: Part of the problem trying to figure out what Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood or Tunisia’s Ennahda party would do if they got into any future power structure in their countries is knowing what kind of Islamists they are. The label “Islamist” pops up frequently these days, in comments and warnings and (yes) news reports, but the term is so broad that it even covers groups that oppose each other. Just as the Muslim world is not a bloc, the Islamist world is not a bloc
  • Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone?: Are we witnessing the death of America’s Christian denominations? Studies conducted by secular and Christian organizations indicate that we are. Fewer and fewer American Christians, especially Protestants, strongly identify with a particular religious communion—Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, etc. According to the Baylor Survey on Religion, nondenominational churches now represent the second largest group of Protestant churches in America, and they are also the fastest growing.
  • How to convert witches to Catholicism: Witches can and should be converted to Catholicism, according to Wicca & Witchcraft: Understanding the dangers by Elizabeth Dodd who portrays spell-casting as spiritually empty, exhausting and immoral
  • The Son and the Crescent: Bible translations that avoid the phrase “Son of God” are bearing dramatic fruit among Muslims. But that translation has some missionaries and scholars dismayed.

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