Geert Wilders denounces Australian Muslim leader’s call for beheading

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Geert Wilders, the maverick Dutch politician, denounced a Australian Muslim leader’s call for his beheading for denigrating Islam.

Mr Wilders, who lives under perpetual death threat and is the country’s most heavily guarded politician, demanded assurance from the country’s Interior Ministry that the message was been treated seriously.

Sydney-born Feiz Muhammad — a hate criminal — posted a speech on an Internet site in which he condemned Mr Wilders as “this Satan, this devil, this politician in Holland” and called on his followers to “chop off his head” because Wilders “denigrated” Islam.

A report in De Telegraaf newspaper said Muhammad declared that anyone who talks about Islam like Wilders does should be executed by beheading.

Muhammad has gained notoriety for, among other things, calling on young children to be radicalised and blaming rape victims for their own attacks.

Our opinion: anyone who talks about critics of Islam like Feiz Muhammad should be imprisoned and/or committed to a mental hospital. People like Geert Wilders would have no need to talk about Islam if Muslims like Feiz Muhammed did not act like deranged hate criminals.

Bottom line: the inability of hate-filled Muslims to allow others freedom of religion and freedom of speech makes Islam incompatible with modern civilization.

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This post was last updated: Nov. 21, 2013