Seattle newspaper does PR job for Scientology

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In March, 2009, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer became the first major metro daily newspaper to go online-only. It now thrives as Good for them, but we hope their recent article about the opening of Seattle’s new Church of Scientology regional headquarters is not representative of the news outlet’s journalistic standards.

The piece reads like a PR brochure for the cult. It’s a missed opportunity to hold Scientology up to daylight.

In a separate item the ‘reporter’ also uncritically describes her experience with the E-meter, a gadget Scientologists use to bamboozle potential customers into accepting the cult’s quackery.

“Did it measure my (not-so-subconscious) distress?” SeattlePI’s reporter asks. Well, Amy: None of the scientology theories associated with, or claims made for, the E-meter is justified.”

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This post was last updated: Jul. 27, 2010