Sikh girl abducted, converted to Islam

The Times of India, Feb. 24, 2004

AMRITSAR: A six-year-old Sikh girl in Pakistan has reportedly been converted to Islam by a tribesman who abducted and held her for more than a month after her parents refused to ransom her. This was revealed by intelligence sources here on Sunday.

This is reportedly the most sensitive incident of conversion in the recent past. Earlier, reports of mass conversion of Hindus in Pakistan under threat had been pouring in.

According to sources, Harvinder Kaur had been kept in Tirah valley of Khyber but no one helped the poor parents who had been running from pillar to post for recovery of the child. Reports received by intelligence agencies here state Harvinder has been given a new name, Amina, by a powerful tribesman Malikdin Khel.

It is learnt that, after the news spread and Sikh bodies in Pakistan took up the issue, human rights organisations in the country had constituted a committee to probe the incident.

Sources said the girl’s family is being pressurised to not publicise the issue and has reportedly been threatened of dire consequences.

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