Miss Cleo speaks out about fraud charges

KFMB, Feb. 21, 2003

She’s been “silenced” for a year after being shutdown by the Federal Trade Commission. Now, Miss Cleo is speaking out.

Prosecutors say the self-proclaimed psychic and her employer “Access Resources” scammed millions of people who were seeking so-called “free” advice.

But, prosecutors say it wasn’t free, instead people would be placed on hold for at least 20-minutes. The cost was $4.99 a minute. But Miss Cleo says she’s not to blame.

“I have a problem with ‘call me now’. I said because they’re not going to get me. I said that to them right off the top. Don’t you think I said, they’re not going to get me.”

The FTC settled with her and her employer. Now, Miss Cleo says she’s working on a book.

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