FlashPoint in History: 10 years after Mount Carmel

The Waco Tribune-Herald, Feb. 23, 2003

About this series…

Few events in Central Texas have prompted as much grief, anguish and unrelenting controversy as the Branch Davidian story.

Under the glare of the national spotlight, the 1993 siege at Mount Carmel climaxed in conflagration, confusion and death.

Since then, Waco has been readily identified with the baffling sect situated 10 miles east of the city as well as inept handling of the standoff by lawmen, many of whom had never set foot in McLennan County until 1993.

On the 10th anniversary of the Branch Davidian siege, the Tribune-Herald newsroom staff has prepared a nine-Sunday series that touches lightly on the past, yet looks closely at the present and future of remaining players and continuing controversies.

However painful the episode remains in Central Texas, the events leading up to the Branch Davidian siege and its outcome are a confounding, highly charged piece of McLennan County history, complete with earthshaking ramifications extending far beyond county lines.

The Series

— Feb. 23: An overview of issues still looming from the Branch Davidian saga
— March 2: An examination of the Branch Davidian faith, its followers and its critics
— March 9: Doing time with Branch Davidians still serving federal sentences
— March 16: Law enforcement officials reflect on mistakes made, lessons learned
— March 23: A look at the children who lived under David Koresh’s apocalyptic rule
— March 30: Waco and its struggles with the stigma of what happened at Mount Carmel
— April 6: The Branch Davidian siege’s continuing influence on popular culture
— April 13: A look at how the events of Mount Carmel are shaping history and contemporary society
— April 20: Prophesying about Waco and its prophecy-oriented neighbors to the east

Part two of nine explores the Branch Davidian faith through good times and bad…Full schedule

The original 3-part series ran in 1993 during the weeks leading up to the seige. Read them in PDF format.
Part 1 [ 2.9 MB ]
Part 2 [ 2.0 MB ]
Part 3 [ 5.7 MB ]

• 2/28/93 to 4/20/93
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Each week we will profile some of the key players in the siege.

Janet Reno
Bonnie Haldeman
Sheriff Jack Harwell

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