French sect leader files Constitutional appeal

French sect leader Alain Schmitt has filed a Constitutional Appeal contesting a judgement given on April 30 which threw out his case in which he claimed breaches of human rights in the way he and his partner had been treated by the police, in prison and by the courts.

The court had also considered his arrest warrant to be valid and the extradition proceedings were considered valid and regular.

Mr Schmitt, 49 and his Belgian partner Laurence Liegeios are wanted by the French authorities to serve prison terms after being convicted for kidnapping and extortion. They were arrested in January and after the Magistrate’s Court ordered their extradition, they appealed the decision and lost.

They then filed a Constitutional case claiming breaches of human rights.

But Ms Liegeios, 47, left Malta after withdrawing her case saying she was missing her eight-year-old son Quinten, who had been in Malta but was then sent to live with his grandparents in France after she was detained.

In France, she is serving a 15-month term out of prison, wearing an electronic tag so she can be monitored by the authorities.

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Mr Schmitt, who is nearly blind, stayed on to fight the case.

– Source / Full Story: French sect leader files Constitutional appeal, The Times of Malta, May 21, 2010 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

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