Neo-Nazi group may become involved in mosque row

Irish Examiner (Ireland), Feb. 18, 2003

There are fears neo-Nazis are becoming involved in a row over whether a mosque should be built in the Craigavon area of north Armagh.

The local Sinn Fein councillor has called on the Ulster Unionist Party to drop objections to the proposal and stand up to racial prejudice.

Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble who represents the Upper Bann area where the Muslim community is seeking to build the mosque, has already asked for a full report into the matter.

Some local unionists have objected to the mosque plan, claiming they have problems with sewage and road access only.

Some, however, have voiced anti-Muslim sentiments and said local people did not want to be woken by the sound of the traditional call to prayer.

UUP councillor Fred Crowe said Islam’s aim was to wipe out Christianity.

Concerned members of the Muslim faith are considering whether to drop the whole idea after the objections.

There are now further fears that a racist group is preparing to become involved in the row.

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