Scientology Church action is adjourned

Irish Times, Feb. 8, 2003

The long-running action by a woman against the Church of Scientology and three members of its Dublin mission has been adjourned at the High Court to next month.

Mr Justice Peart heard yesterday a witness was unavailable to give evidence and, for this and other reasons including the judge’s commitments in other courts, the case, which has been at hearing for 22 days, was adjourned to March 4th.

The action has been taken by Ms Mary Johnston (40) who operates a sports equipment centre at Westwood, Foxrock, Dublin. She is seeking damages for alleged conspiracy, misrepresentation and breach of her constitutional rights. She was involved in the church in the early 1990s and was persuaded by her family in 1994 to leave. Her side of the case will resume on March 4th and the entire action is expected to last several weeks after that.

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