Cannibal cult mother who skinned son and made him eat his own flesh gets 9 years in jail

Cannibal cult mother who skinned son and made him eat his own flesh gets 9 years in jail

A cannibal cult mother who tortured her son in a locked cellar while relatives skinned him and forced him to eat his own flesh has been jailed for nine years.

Klara Mauerova, 31 – a member of a sinister religious cult and her sister Katerina led the sickening torture of her eight-year-old son Ondrej and his ten year-old brother Jakub.

A court in Brno in Czech Republic heard how relatives partially skinned Ondrej and forced him to eat his own flesh.

The judge also jailed Katerina, 35, for ten years for her role in the sickening abuse.

The two boys had told judges how their mother and relatives had stubbed cigarettes out on their bare skin, whipped them with belts, and tried to drown them. They were also sexually abused and forced to cut themselves with knives.

The terrified youngsters said they were kept in cages or handcuffed to tables and made to stand in their own urine for days.

The sick sisters – both members of weird religious cult the Grail Movement – refused to reveal why they tortured the brothers.

But state prosecutor Zuzana Zamoravcova said: ‘Their aim was to make the boys blindly serve their religious goals.’

Judge Pavel Goth said as he sentenced the women: ‘Their aim was to create a person with a completely broken will. Ondrej and Jakub were repeatedly psychologically and physically tyrannised and held in locked rooms.’

Another defendant, 34-year-old Barbora Skrlova, was also jailed for five years for her part in the torture. Three others who took part in the abuse were also given jail terms.

Hana Basova, 28, and Jan Skrla, 25, were sentenced to seven years each while another man, Jan Turek, was jailed for five years.

Six sentenced in bizarre Czech child torture case

The abuse was exposed by chance when a new father in Kurim, 200 kilometres south-east of Prague, was tuning the signal on his baby video monitor.

On the screen, he saw the neighbour’s son, Ondrej, lying naked and tied up in a dark closet in the house next door.

Police arrested Mauerova – Ondrej’s mother – and placed his older brother Jakub and stepsister Anicka in a children’s home.

Anicka, supposedly 13 years old at the time, fled the children’s home. Mauerova family acquaintances soon acknowledged she was actually a 34-year-old woman, a music composer named Barbora Skrlova.

She emerged eight months later in Norway, where she had posed as a 13-year-old boy. In the end, she was convicted as an accessory in the abuse.

Skrlova was among the six defendants sentenced Friday. She drew a five-year prison term.

Media reports have linked the defendants to a children’s hiking club lead by Skrlova’s father. The reports said the club has evolved into a religious sect.

The court shed no light on the existence of any sect, but called the tightly-knit group’s behaviour peculiar.

“They selflessly provide their time, money, cars, buildings. That is not normal,” the Czech news agency CTK cited judge Pavel Goth as saying.

Klara Mauerova claimed she was brainwashed into torturing her sons by her sister Katerina, 35.

- Source: Six sentenced in bizarre Czech child torture case, DPA (Germany) via Earth Times, Oct. 25, 2008 — Summarized by Religion News Blog

Czech mother maltreating sons given nine years in prison

According to the charges, the boys Ondrej and Jakub, now aged nine and 11, were tortured from the summer holiday in 2006 till May, 7, 2007 at various places. They were kept naked in cages for hours, beaten up, scratched with a fork, burnt with cigarettes and cut. They were also forced to maltreat themselves as well as each other.

State attorney Zuzana Zamoravcova said she supposed the maltreatment was to break the boys psychologically and make them blindly serve, possibly religious goals.

Mauerova defended herself, saying she was manipulated by people close to her to such a extent that her maternal instinct was suppressed.

She said people in her surrounding persuaded her that her sons suffered from behaviour problems and they would face serious problems in adolescence if they were not treated hard.

She confessed that she later met alleged psychologist Andrei Zeynalov from Azerbaijan who soon started to send her e-mails and text messages with words of advice about the “therapies” to be applied to her sons.

However, neither the Czech police nor Interpol have succeeded in tracing the man. The court concluded he does not exist.

According to some information, it was Katerina Mauerova and Skrlova who masterminded and controlled everything.

The name of Barbora’s father, Josef Skrla, who founded a sect in Brno split from the Grail Movement, was often mentioned during the trial.

Some theories emerged, saying Skrlova was allegedly the sect’s icon, and the members tried to make her younger. This is why she adopted the identity of a 13-year-old girl Anicka who lived with Klara and her sons.

The court intended to hear Skrla but he is reported missing.

The exact reasons for the boys’ maltreatment were not revealed during the investigation. Speculations that the case might be connected with porn industry were not confirmed.

Moreover, the trial revealed that Skrlova had a more important role in the case than it seemed at the beginning. She participated in one boy’s torturing, though she claims she was forced to do it.

Another three accused in the case, Turek, Skrla and Basova, worked in the Paprsek children’s free time centre in Brno headed by Katerina Mauerova.

- Source: Czech mother maltreating sons given nine years in prison, Sestry Mauerovy, Czech Happenings (Czech Republic), Oct. 25, 2008 — Summarized by Religion News Blog
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