Woman tells how son,

News24 (South Africa), Sep, 23, 2002
[Note: This older story included for context to current news item]

Pretoria – Bizarre events surrounding three young children who allegedly fell prey to a group of Satanists, unfolded in the Pretoria High Court trial of a tattoo artist on Monday.

Robin Classen (38) has denied guilt on 10 charges, ranging from abduction and rape to indecent assault and assault.

It is alleged that he abducted three children between January and September 2000 and subjected them to Satanist rituals, including rape, indecent assault and torture.

The mother of a seven-year-old girl and brothers aged 9 and 11, spent a third day in the witness box on Monday.

She revealed how her eldest son “left his body” and chased his siblings around with a heavy axe, threatening to kill them.

“I’ve twice come across him where he was sitting in a meditating position with his eyes turned back and making a strange, humming noise.

“On one occasion the other children came screaming to me. He was running around with an axe and threatened to kill them. I don’t know how he managed it, because the axe is so heavy that I cannot even lift it.

“He immediately dropped the axe and sat down when I screamed at him. Afterwards, he was very tired and could not remember the incident at all,” she said.

He often told her that his soul left his body and that she witnessed the same happening to her daughter in the bathroom.

“She was lying flat in the bath with the water almost covering her face and her eyes were staring stock-still at the ceiling.

“Afterwards she told me that she had left her body. It was not a pretty sight to see. She was very pale and looked like a dead body.

“These things upset me as their mother. I don’t know how to help them, except through prayer,” she added.

The mother said she had taken the children to numerous prayer meetings and they were now receiving counselling from a church pastor. All three suffered terrible nightmares and had drawn pictures for her of strange creatures with many red eyes.

She demonstrated how her children had shown her what they did during Satanist rituals. The mother said she and her daughter had a very strange experience in their bathroom shortly before her daughter testified.

They saw a dark creature with an axe, which threatened to kill them. The mother told the court, her daughter was so upset that she became ill and could not testify during that period.

“I’m not someone who believes in these things, but even I sometimes feel as if there is something scary in the bathroom that wants to catch me,” she said.

She admitted that all of her children had experienced emotional and behavioural problems even before the alleged abduction and assault by Classen.

She was also told by a school therapist that her daughter had been traumatised when her now deceased fiance molested the child.

The trial continues.

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