Australia: “Christian Fellowship” not so Christian

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A Current Affair” — the news show of Australia’s NineMSN this week included a segment on the so-called “Christian Fellowship.”

Last month, former members of the Brisbane Christian Fellowship told the Four Corners program (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) that the church was ripping apart families under a veil of secrecy.

They said elders, including leader Victor Hall, made all members’ decisions and drove wedges between couples, siblings and parents and children to create fear and control followers.

Followers are banished if they disobey directions.

– Source: Brisbane Christian Fellowship: Ex-cult members speak out over abuse, AAP, via (Australia), June 23, 2008

An ACA report on the cult known as the Christian Fellowship with insight from a former born in member who was ex-communicated and thrown out of his parent’s home after he told them he didn’t want to follow it any longer.

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