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As a service for those who are looking for information about (religious) cults, Apologetics Index — publisher of Religion News Blog — has set up

This dedicated search engine allows you to search for information about (religious) cults, cult-like organizations, — as well as paranormal-, New Age, and pseudoscientific claims — across 200+ websites and blogs dedicated to cult research, spiritual abuse, ex-cult counseling & support.

More websites and blogs will be added.

The search engine — which also searches Religion News Blog’s news archive — returns results primarily from websites and blogs that address cults from a sociological perspective.

Researchers who are looking for information on religious cults from a mainstream Christian theological perspective, can instead.

See also: sociological vs. theological definitions of the term ‘cult.’

The search feature can easily be added to websites and blog. It can also be included as a gadget on your iGoogle homepage.

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Religion News Blog, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan. 31, 2008

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