Holy Land purchase by Trinity was complex deal

Monday October 22, 2007

Holy Land Experience‘s transfer to Trinity Broadcasting Network was a complex deal involving five nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations: Holy Land Ministries, Trinity and the Grace, Van Kampen and Sola Scriptura foundations.

The three foundations are all controlled by the family of the late Robert Van Kampen, a longtime financial backer of Holy Land.

According to Trinity’s attorney, Colby May, the $37million payment was divided this way:

TBN: The Blasphemy Network

Trintiy Broadcasting Network (TBN), led by founders Paul and Jan Crouch, is the world’s largest religious TV network. It claims to be a Christian ministry. However, while some legitimate ministries and teachers (those who adhere to the orthodox teachings and practices of historical Christianity) appear on TBN, the network promotes such an incredible amount of heretical material – including extremist Word-Faith teachings – that it is often referred to as “The Blasphemy Network.”

Mark I. Pinsky, Sentinel researcher Susan Thompson

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