Kenyan government tells sect members to surrender

Kenyan government tells sect members to surrender or be dealt with mercilessly
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Jan. 12, 2003

The government is urging all members of all illegal militia groups countrywide to surrender unconditionally to law enforcement officers anywhere and be treated leniently or face full force of the law if arrested in the ongoing security swoops to flush them out.

Speaking in Kinoru [central Kenya] yesterday, the minister of state in charge of security, Dr Chris Murungaru, assured wananchi [citizens] that the government had contained the recent wave of violence experienced in some parts of the country, which he regretted had led to unnecessary lose of lives and destruction of property.

The minister warned the openly defiant members and officials of the outlawed [Kikuyu fundamentalist] Mungiki sect, most of whom have gone into hiding, that the long arm of the government will soon catch up with them and will deal with them ruthlessly and mercilessly.

Murungaru said that the government had the necessary equipment and personnel to crash the Mungiki menace and called for cooperation from peace-loving Kenyans to eradicate the vice.

He said the government was willing to forgive the sect members, most of them very young and aged between 15 and 25 years of age, so as to rehabilitate them to enable them to seek gainful employment to sustain themselves and earn an honest living.

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