Edgars Likely Will Be Charged In O.P.

Attorney: Brian Edgar Apparently Died In O.P. House
TheKansasCityChannel.com, Jan. 7, 2003

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The first-degree murder charges against Chasity Boyd will likely be moved to Overland Park, KMBC reported. District Attorney Paul Morrison said, “I think it’s fair to say that it’s likely that these murder charges are going to end up in Johnson County … the more we investigate this case, the more it appears as though Brian Edgar probably died in Overland Park.” The Edgars leased the house near 157th and Birch streets in addition to the home they own in Kansas City, Kan.

First-degree murder charges have already been filed in Wyandotte County against the three suspects. Charges in Johnson County could be filed as early as Wednesday. Morrison also said that Christon Edgar, 16, who ran away from home the day Brian died, was not involved in the boy’s death. Police are also searching other locations in the metro area in connection with this case.

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