More Allegations Arise About Midtown AA

WASHINGTON — More controversial allegations have arisen about a Washington Alcoholics Anonymous group.

A mother claims that members of the Midtown Alcoholics Anonymous group coerced her daughter into having sex and took away the girl’s prescribed psychiatric medicine.

The mother said she is a member of a traditional AA group, which, she said, is nothing like Midtown.

Because of the nature of this story, News4 has concealed the woman and her daughter’s identity, calling her Kate and her daughter Jill.

“(Midtown AA) is coercive, controlling, cult-like,” said Katie.

Midtown AA was a focus of a recent Newsweek article that described sexual exploits of some members and a cult-like nature of the group.

Amid the controversy, a number of local churches have barred Midtown from meeting at their facilities.

Kate told News4 on Friday that after an overdose experience in the South, her daughter Jill moved to Washington in February 2005 to turn her life around and joined Midtown AA.

The mother said that when Jill’s boyfriend left Midtown AA the following year, her daughter was then pressured to have sex with another man in the group.

“It was a suggestion by one of the leaders that she have sex with someone in the group,” said Kate. “She vehemently requested that she not have to do this and she eventually did because she was told if she wanted to remain sober, she would do what she was told.”

Kate claims that after the unwanted sex encounter, Jill relapsed and started drinking again.

Jill was later admitted to a psychiatric facility, diagnosed with a mental disorder and prescribed medication, Katie said.

Kate said that after her recovery and release, Jill returned to Midtown AA in July 2006.

“They told her that she would not remain sober if she continued taking the medication,” Kate said. “Within three days she had a psychotic episode and was hospitalized again.”

Kate said Jill has since returned to her home in the South, and, she said, her daughter harbors no ill will toward the AA group.

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May 16, 2007

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