Lawyer enters a guilty plea in alleged plot

Man accused of conspiring to kill businessman; Judge awaits psychiatric report; Defense claims client not criminally responsible
The Baltimore Sun, Jan. 7, 2003
By Mary Gail Hare

A colleague of reputed cult leader sentenced last month to time served and was placed on five years’ probation.

The suspects believed that Gable had stolen money from a company Caruthers founded and they wanted to prevent him from testifying as part of a securities investigation, said Gilmore, the prosecutor.

“They had brought Gable in originally to control their investments,” Gilmore said in court yesterday. “Then, [a Securities and Exchange Commission] investigation meant their stocks were frozen. Gable was scheduled to testify in that investigation and they wanted him killed before that court date.”

Pearl was present at meetings at which a plan to hire a hit man was discussed, Gilmore said. The alleged plot was foiled when the would-be hit man told Gable’s lawyer of the plan.

Bernstein called Gilmore’s account “the most sanitized version and the most favorable to the state.”

“We would present other evidence, if there was a jury trial,” Bernstein said.

Also charged in the alleged scheme are Dulsa Naedek, a woman who lived at the Caruthers home outside Westminster, and Amy C. Dardick, who was released on $10,000 bail soon after the arrest and sent for deprogramming treatment with the expectation that she would testify for the prosecution if Caruthers’ case goes to trial.

Caruthers and Naedek remain in jail and are to be tried separately this spring.

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