Challenge to cult over ‘cloned baby’

Daily Telegraph (England), Jan. 1, 2003
By David Derbyshire, Science Correspondent

Britain’s senior scientific body yesterday urged the UFO sect claiming to have cloned a baby to open its research to scrutiny.

The Royal Society published 10 questions that needed answering before the public could decide if cloning claims were credible or ethically acceptable.

Scientists remain sceptical about the Raelian sect’s claim that its biotechnology company Clonaid created a cloned baby called Eve.

The sect, which believes aliens created humans through genetic engineering 25,000 years ago, said the baby was born in an unnamed country on Boxing Day.

There are suspicions that the Raelians, who believe clones of Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and Buddha are waiting on a nearby planet to return to Earth, are engaged on a world recruitment drive.

The organisation said tissue samples were taken from the girl and her mother yesterday and that DNA results would be available next week.

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