Scientists disgusted by sect’s human cloning claims

Press Association (England), Dec. 28, 2002

A cult which believes that life on Earth was created by extra-terrestrials 25,000 years ago claims to have created the world’s first cloned human.

Eve, a carbon copy of her mother, was born by Caesarean section on Boxing Day weighing 7lbs and is the first of five “successful” embryos implanted by the Raelian Sect earlier this year.

The news was condemned by members of the British scientific community. They described the announcement as an example of the sordid depths to which maverick scientists had plummeted.

Dr Patrick Dixon, a leading expert on the ethics of human cloning, said the world would react with “revulsion and disgust”.

He said the world would finally realise that science was spinning out of control.

Brigitte Boisselier, a French chemist and a bishop of the Raelian Sect, announced the news of the cloned human and claimed she had the power to create life.

Ms Boisselier told a press conference in the US that Clonaid, a company established in 1997 by Claude Vorilhon, the founding member of the Raelian Sect, had begun human cloning last spring when it implanted 10 embryos.

Five were “spontaneously terminated” while five were “successful”.

“The first one was born yesterday,” said Ms Boisselier. “The next one is due in Europe next week so it’s very close and the three others will be born by the end of January, maybe early February.”

It was not revealed where the baby was born. Eve is expected to leave hospital with her mother, a 31-year-old American divorcee, on Monday. Once home she will be analysed by a group of independent specialists who will take DNA evidence from both the mother and baby to ascertain the truth of the claims.

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