W-FIVE investigates Christian Dominion Centre

A W-FIVE investigation delves into the world of a Hamilton-based church revealing how its psychological hold on members has literally torn families apart.

Airing Saturday, October 28 at 7 p.m. (check local listings), the full-hour episode brings viewers an exclusive inside look at this extreme religious group and the families affected by The Dominion Christian Centre.

Reporter Alan Fryer and the W-FIVE team talk to a family who has lost their daughter to the church and reveals how the family now stands accused of her kidnapping.

Fryer also talks with the daughter –Mirella Brun del Re tells her version of events for the first time with shocking revelations about her feelings for her family.

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In an exclusive interview, W-FIVE talks to Peter Rigo, the radical pastor of the DCC, who explains that the church is a place for those who want to live the word of Christ 24/7–anyone not willing to toe that line is invited to hit the road.

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But dozens of families who met with W-FIVE paint a different picture, calling the DCC a destructive cult that is ruining people’s lives.

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CTV, W-Five, Canada
Oct. 28, 2006

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