Concern Expressed Over Racist Church Move

Concern Expressed Over Racist Church Move
AP, Dec. 12, 2002

Riverton residents are expressing shock, surprise and concern about the recent decision of a white supremacist group to move its world headquarters there.

The World Church of the Creator announced last week that it was moving its headquarters from East Peoria, Illinois.

Perhaps the strongest official reaction so far has come from the Riverton Chamber of Commerce. Executive Director Tim Thorson said his executive committee has given him approval “fight this in whatever way possible.”

Thorson said the World Church of the Creator is a “terrorist group” and its move to Riverton is “a huge stain” on Riverton.

Several local human rights and religious groups are planning official responses to the move by the group. Those responses have not yet been determined.

Meanwhile, the Fremont County Council on Human Rights has e-mailed its membership to consider a formal response. The group had suspended its activities earlier this year.

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