Kaotians: Sex slave master’s TV showdown

A television showdown has taken place between a sex slave master and the father of his apprentice.

Following the revelation in The Northern Echo that Lee Thompson, from Darlington, is a master in the Kaotians sect, he has been inundated with TV offers.

Yesterday, Mr Thompson and his 18-year-old apprentice, [name removed — RNB], appeared on the Trisha Goddard Show on Channel 5.

Called “I’ve left my family…to join a cult“, the show attempted to reconcile [the apprentice] with his father, Tony.

But from the outset, the attempt seemed doomed to failure as security guards had to separate Mr [name removed — RNB] and Mr Thompson as soon as they met on set.

Mr [name removed — RNB] told Ms Goddard: “I’m hoping that Lee Thompson will make a decision to give him up.

“He’s been grooming him for many, many months on the Internet to be a master.

“He says he’s there of his own freewill, but his perceptions have been altered – it’s called emotional enslavement.”

Ian Haworth, from the Cult Information Centre, suggested [the apprentice] should leave Mr Thompson for a few weeks and then decide whether he should return.

Ms Goddard also suggested the pair had counselling sessions together in an attempt to reunite them.

But [the apprentice] rejected the overtures and threatened legal action if his father refused to leave him alone.

The 18-year-old chose to leave the studio with Mr Thompson. He said he would contact his parents when he was ready to do so.

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