Kanu Official Tells Off Mungiki Leader

The Nation (Kenya), Dec. 9, 2002
James Kariuki

The district Kanu campaign coordinator, Mr Kariuki Muruatetu, yesterday told Mungiki sect chairman Maina Njenga to keep off the party’s meetings.

He said Kanu did not recognise Mr Njenga as a party member.

Mr Murutatetu was speaking at Ranika-Baron Hotel in Nyahururu Town before he presided over a meeting with local party branch officials. The official said Kanu had nothing to do with the sect.

Ironically, it was Mr Muruatetu who declared Mr Njenga a winner in the repeat Kanu primaries for Laikipia West.

Subsequently, Kanu headquarters which had cleared the Mungiki boss to take part in the nominations, proceeded to issue him with a nomination certificate to contest the seat but later revoked it.

The meeting went on despite threats from the Laikipia West Kanu parliamentary aspirant Mr Ndegwa Muruthi and civic aspirants who vowed not to recognise the campaign team and the local party branch officials.

Mr Muruthi in a joint statement with 20 party civic aspirants for various wards in the constituency said they would not recognise outsiders imposed by party headquarters to spearhead the Uhuru-for-presidency campaign.

They said Mr Kenyatta stood to lose votes if locals were ignored in favour of outsiders.

Mr Njenga claimed his life was in danger if he supported Mr Muruthi in the elections.

The Mungiki boss who was addressing reporters in Nyahururu town after leading a demonstration against Kanu’s move to nullify his nomination, said his folowers had threatened to lynch him if he quit the party or supprted Mr Muruthi.

Meanwhile, Kanu headquarters has summoned all its aspirants in the constituency, Mr Njenga and immediate former MP Chege Mbitiru for a meeting tomorrow to iron out their differences.

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