Let Archbishop Milingo Be With His Family – Fr. Mwebe

The Post (Zambia), Dec. 4, 2002

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo should be given space to be with his family, Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) secretary general Fr. Ignatius Mwebe has said.

Speaking ahead of the prelate’s visit tomorrow, Fr. Mwebe said although Archbishop Milingo’s visit would be private, he would be involved in a number of public events. Archbishop Milingo will celebrate mass with other Catholics on December 14 at Kabwata Catholic Parish.

The mass will be presided over by the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Orlando Antonini. “The Kabwata mass will be a public gesture that will complete the reconciliation between Archbishop Milingo and Catholics in Zambia. As in the Bible passage Luke 15 verse 32, it is right that Zambian Catholics celebrate Archbishop Milingo’s return to the fold,” he said. Fr. Mwebe said Archbishop Milingo’s time in Zambia would, however, be limited. “He cannot visit and meet everyone,” he said.

Fr. Mwebe appealed to Zambians to respect Archbishop Milingo’s visit as private, save for specific public functions. “There will be times when Archbishop Milingo will need space to be with his family. Let us give him this space,” he said.

Fr. Mwebe said the public should be on guard against misleading statements and actions from certain people who he believed might want to hijack Archbishop Milingo’s visit for their own ends. He also appealed to the media in Zambia to be balanced in reporting on Archbishop Milingo.

Fr. Mwebe said journalists must double check their facts and treat stories regarding Archbishop Milingo with fairness and justice.

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