White Supremacists Plan Weekend Concert In Daytona

City Officials Say No Permits Issued For Event
AP, Dec. 3, 2002
POSTED: 8:53 a.m. EST December 3, 2002

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — A violent white supremacist group is planning to hold a multi-band concert in Daytona Beach this weekend, though the exact location is cloaked in secrecy and no city permits have been issued. Hammerfest 2002 is an event organized by the so-called Hammerskin Nation, which uses Confederate flags and Nazi swastikas as its emblems. Organizers plan to bring in nine bands with names such as Attack, Definite Hate, White Wash and Intimidation One. So-called “white power” concerts have long been a recruiting tool for the Hammerskins and other neo-Nazi groups.

Volusia County officials say they’re staying out of the message issue. But they say if there’s a non-permitted event taking place, they’re ready to take action. The last known Hammerfest was in Bremen, Georgia, in 2001, drawing about 600 skinheads to the small city west of Atlanta.

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