Archbishop pushes for fresh look at lifestyles

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Cambridge News (England), Dec. 2, 2002

The next Archbishop of Canterbury looks set to spark a new round of controversy within the Anglican Church after saying he could ďsee a caseĒ for acknowledging same-sex relationships.

On the eve of his confirmation in the post, Dr concern with status.

ďIt seems to me rather sad, and rather revealing, that when it comes to sex we suddenly become much less intelligent about our reading of the Bible,Ē he told BBC2ís An Archbishop Like This.

ďIf the Bible is very clear Ė as I think it is Ė that a heterosexual indulging in homosexual activity for the sake of variety and gratification is not following the will of God Ė does that automatically say that that is the only sort of homosexual activity there could ever be?

ďMy own personal conclusion is that I can see a case for acknowledging faithful same-sex relationships.Ē

Dr Williams said he just wanted ďthe debate to be an honest oneĒ, with ďa recognition that what at first sight seems absolutely straightforward when you look in the Bible . . . when you look a bit harder, may not beĒ.

In the documentary, Dr Williams said: ďThe Anglican Church has bought very deeply into status.

ďItís one of the most ambiguous elements in the whole of that culture Ė the concern with titles, concern with the little differentiations, the different coloured buttons . . . the rosettes on the hat, as it used to be.

ďAnd there have to be points where that gets challenged.Thereís something profoundly Ė Iíll say it Ė anti-Christian in all of that.Ē

Dr Williams studied theology at Christís College, Cambridge.

After graduating with a first class degree and moving to Oxford University to carry out research on Russian Christianity he returned to Cambridge in 1977.

His first academic appointment was at Westcott House, the Church of England theological college based in Jesus Lane.

Three years later he became lecturer in divinity at Cambridge University.

After turning down several college posts to accompany his lectureship he became honorary curate at St Georgeís Church, Chesterton.

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