Race to deliver first clone baby

AFP, Nov. 29, 2002

In a race to the finish line, members of a cloning group says they will deliver the world’s first cloned baby by year’s end.

The first of five women impregnated with cloned embryos is due to give birth to a girl by the end of the year, a member of the controversial Raelian movement said yesterday.

“We have five pregnancies under way of which one is almost due. We will have the first soon,” said French scientist Brigitte Boisselier, managing director of the group’s Clonaid project.

In Rome on Wednesday, rival Italian gynaecologist Severino Antinori said the world’s first cloned human being, a boy, would be born in January.

Dr Bosselier declined to give an exact date of birth, but said the cloned baby was due sometime before the end of the year.

Two US couples, two Asian couples and one European couple are involved in the project.

One of the American couples is expecting the first birth, a girl, she said.

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