Scientology: Ryan’s Moonie ‘peace’ mission

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Those who believe that Armageddon is nigh may be right, judging by strange new alliances in Dublinís alternative religions.

The Bible, after all, predicts that the ďlast daysĒ will see the merging of disparate sects.

Gerard Ryan, the public face of Scientology in Ireland, has just been appointed a ďpeace ambassadorĒ by the group formerly known as the Unification Church, aka the Moonies.

The apparent link-up between two cults will be seen by many as sinister. However, Ryan insists that he accepted the ďambassadorshipĒ in a personal capacity.

He attended the recent Moonie conference in Dublin, at which Rev Sun Myung Moon, its founder, spoke for four hours, but was not impressed. ďI disagree with virtually everything he says,Ē declares Ryan.

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The Sunday Times, UK
Nov. 13, 2005

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