Court defers verdict in Falun Gong case

BBC Monitoring / Radio TV Hong Kong, Nov. 22, 2002

Text of report by Radio TV Hong Kong audio web site on 22 November

Mainland prosecutors have argued that a Hong Kong man who mailed about 40 Falun Gong video compact discs into Shenzhen and had another 1,000 in his home committed a serious crime. Suen Chung-man [phonetic] is facing charges of spreading evil cult propaganda and of obstructing law-enforcement, according to his wife.

In a trial which lasted about 90 minutes, Mr Suen’s lawyer told the court the 40 discs his client mailed did not cause major damage. A verdict is not expected for at least another month.

Mr Suen was detained at the Shenzhen border crossing in May when authorities there found contact information for Falun Gong followers on the mainland in his luggage. Police then raided a home he keeps in Shenzhen and seized 1,000 more Falun Gong VCDs.

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