Editor pays with his life for exposing sex scandal

IndiaExpress, Nov. 22, 2002

Efforts to expose a sex scandal proved fatal for an intrepid editor of Haryana.

Ram Chander Chaterpatti, who brought out ‘Poora Sach’, an evening daily from Sirsa, was shot at by unidentified persons last month. The editor lost his month-long battle for life on Thursday night.

Chaterpatti’s crime: He tried to expose irregular activities, including a sex scandal of a religious cult.

Three persons, among them a senior member of the religious group, have been arrested in this connection.

Chaterpatti annoyed the religious body, “Dera Saccha Sauda“, with his reports on alleged irregularities and sex scandal within its premises.

Meanwhile, Sirsa superintendent of police Attar Singh Ahlawat has been quoted as saying that the weapon used in the attack allegedly belonged to the arrested manager of the Dera, Krishan

The journalists of Sirsa have sought a CBI inquiry into the incident on the ground that the Dera functionaries were trying to hamper the investigations into the case.

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