Jews and Freemasons controlled war on Iraq, says No 10 adviser

Tony Blair decided to wage war on Iraq after coming under the influence of a “sinister” group of Jews and Freemasons, a Muslim barrister who advises the Prime Minister has claimed.

Ahmad Thomson, from the Association of Muslim Lawyers, said Mr Blair was the latest in a long line of politicians to have been influenced by the group which saw the attack on Saddam Hussein as a way to control the Middle East.

A Government spokesman confirmed last night that ministers and officials consulted Mr Thomson on issues concerning Muslims but refused to be drawn on his views. “We talk to a lot of people, including many whose views we do not necessarily agree with,” she said.

Mr Thomson said: “Pressure was put on Tony Blair before the invasion. The way it works is that pressure is put on people to arrive at certain decisions. It is part of the Zionist plan and it is shaping events.”

Mr Thomson wrote a book in 1994 in which he said Freemasons and Jews controlled the governments of Europe and America and described the claim that six million Jews died in the Holocaust as a “big lie”. In The Next World Order, Mr Thomson, a Muslim convert who was born Martin Thomson in Rhodesia, wrote: “When the majority of people in a predominantly Christian society cease to worship God, the result is fascism.

“When the people in a predominantly Jewish society cease to worship God, the result is either communism or capitalism. A predominantly Christian society is concerned primarily with establishing a political ideology, whilst a predominantly Jewish society is concerned primarily with establishing an economic system.”

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This, he suggested, led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Mr Thomson, who was called to the bar in 1979, wrote: “The fascism of Hitler was the Christian element in the increasingly “Jewish” environment in which he and his followers found themselves.”

He also wrote that the Jews have no right to live in “the Holy Land” because they are not a pure race and therefore not the true biblical Israelites and that Saddam was used as an excuse for US troops – “including thousands of Jews” – to occupy Saudi Arabia.

A Government source said: “It is by talking to people with varying views that we find out what the range of opinions is. It doesn’t mean we agree with what they are saying.”


Conspiracy theory
Daily Telegraph, Sep. 9, 2005

According to Ahmad Thomson, the barrister and Muslim convert employed to advise the Prime Minister on ways to combat extremism, the Western world is in the thrall of a conspiracy of Jews and Freemasons. He is entitled to his opinion, even if it is one shared mostly by the most tiresome type of racist.

But one is moved to wonder how he, or anyone, could lump these alleged conspirators together, given their different natures. The one embraces a vast body of humanity, from the barely ethnically distinct and secular to the orthodox religious, while the other consists merely of some thousands of part-time charity fund-raisers with a fondness for drink and the donning of fancy dress.

There are, of course, Jewish Freemasons; but otherwise, curiously, all that unites them is a history of persecution by fanatics fearful of the independence of mind they differently represent.

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Daily Telegraph, USA
Sep. 12, 2005
Toby Helm

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