Kenya: Presidential candidate Kenyatta denies links with Mungiki sect

East Afrian Standard (Kenya), via BBC Monitoring, Nov. 11, 2002

Excerpt from article by Kenyan newspaper East African Standard web site on 11 November

KANU’S [Kenya African National Union's] presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, yesterday reiterated that he is not the leader of the proscribed Mungiki movement.

Speaking at Mugoiri Catholic church in Kiharu constituency, Murang’a, where he conducted a harambee funds drive, Uhuru said he has nothing to do with Mungiki because he is Catholic by birth.

“There are people who are tarnishing my name. They are claiming that I am the leader of Mungiki. I am a Catholic and so is my whole family,” said Uhuru who spoke in Kikuyu.

Uhuru said Mungiki were the same people who burnt his effigy outside his father’s mausoleum along Parliament Road in Nairobi.

Uhuru, who conducted another funds drive at St Gregory Catholic church in Kiambu, was reconciliatory and preached unity throughout the function…

“We need to create an atmosphere where we can accommodate various opinions,” said Uhuru. He said Kenya’s problem is leaders who use the tribes to divide Kenyans. He said as a leader he is not seeking votes from one tribe but the Kenyan “tribe”.

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