Texans put humor into polygamous influx

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ELDORADO, Texas – While many residents in Schleicher County worry about an influx of followers of a polygamous faith, they also can find a little humor – and profit – in the situation.

In the year since the arrival of the FLDS, T-shirts and caps proclaiming Eldorado the polygamy capital of Texas have gone on sale. Also available are plural marriage licenses with a space for the groom’s name and 10 spots for the brides.

On Sunday, at the third annual Elgoatarod, Eldorado’s parody of the Alaskan Iditarod, resident Jon Cartwright entertained the crowd with an original song, “Plural Girl Blues.”

In his self-described “bitingly satirical” piece, Cartwright lamented about the problem of having 13 wives: “Plural girl blues, plural girl blues. Anniversary today and I can’t remember who,” he sang.

Jim Runge, Elgoatarod organizer and purveyor of polygamy products, has for years jokingly promoted Eldorado as an Olympic site. Now, he is pushing for the Texas Polygamy Games.

His logo is the five Olympic circles, one the male symbol with an arrow and the other four the female symbol.

While the International Olympic Committee might not appreciate the joke, Runge said he is trying to add some levity to a tense situation.

“If they’re going to be here,” he said of the FLDS members, “they’re going to have to put up with a little West Texas humor.”

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Apr. 6, 2005
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