Are Orange Triangles Anti-Amish?

AP, Oct. 20, 2002

PITTSBURGH-October 20, 2002 — Attorneys for an Amish sect which believes that orange reflective triangles violate their beliefs against gaudy decorations and against placing their faith in man-made symbols before God are appealing a judge’s ruling requiring their use on buggies.

In June, a Cambria County Judge ruled that a gray reflective tape the Swartzentruber’s favor wasn’t as effective.

But attorneys for the sect say prosecutors didn’t show that the gray tape was not a workable alternative in their recent appeal to the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Instead of the triangles, the Swartzentruber prefer to use a gray reflective tape and a lantern on the rear of their buggies. Gray or white reflective tape is legal in nine states for use on slow moving vehicles.

Members of the ultraconservative Swartzentruber sect account for about five percent of the country’s Amish population. Most Swartzentruber live in Ohio. Should they lose their appeal, members of the sect say they will move to another state.

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