Communication group, but no one is talking

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Kanja Communications was founded in 1982 by jovial World War II veteran Ken Dyers, and wannabe actress Jan Hamilton.

The pair preach the positive power of a form of one-to-one meditation they call “energy conversion”.

Its Sydney base is on the second floor of a nondescript office building in a narrow Surry Hills street.

Dyers, who is now in his 80s, claims on the Kenja website that he “developed a comprehensive background in business and success bringing out the positive potential and creativity towards others, in people”.

He also claims to have done work in mental health.

He says his energy conversion work earned him “a name throughout Australia and around the world, as a pioneer in the area of addressing the subtle energy that affects perception and communication”.

At this time, his partner Hamilton had just returned from seeking acting work in England and planned a new career offering “workshops in clowning”.

The website says: “This combination of Jan’s clowning training and Ken’s lectures on the findings of his research into Energy Conversion, proved an instant success. It provided the genesis of what is today called Kenja.”

But in 1999, Dyers found himself facing charges of sexual abuse of young girls.

He was convicted but a year later cleared by the Court of Appeal.

After his trial, Dyer said: “It was described in court as a political prosecution and a witch-hunt and that is what it has been.

“Kenja has survived this test, more united than ever.”

But yesterday, behind the steel shutters of their high-security offices, Kenja workers were less than keen to communicate with the media.

Attempts to talk to them were met with refusals and stubborn silence.

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The Daily Telegraph, Australia
Feb. 8, 2005

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